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    Can Popsockets Stick to Silicone Cases?

    Popsockets are hands-free and allow you to stick them to silicone cases of Android phones. They are also compatible with other types of cases such as leather, fabric, or metal.

    Some people still think that Popsockets can’t stick to silicone cases. The truth is that they will definitely stick if the glue is strong enough. If not, the adhesive might be too weak and cause bubbles or loose spots on your phone case.

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    Introduction: What is a popsocket and how do you use it?

    A popsocket is a hand-held device that comes with a clip and a magnetic pad. It has the ability to be mounted on any of the devices and it offers a quick way to remove your phone from the pocket or bag.

    The uses of popsockets vary from individual to individual. They can be used as an attachment for your earphones or as a mounting device for GPS units or as an extra battery pack.

    Popsockets are incredibly easy to carry around and they also provide convenience when it comes to protecting your phone from dirt and scratches.

    In this article, we will cover what is a popsocket, its uses, how you should use it and more!

    How to Install the Popsocket onto Your Case

    Popsocket, a brand new smart phone accessory, is designed to provide an easier way of taking selfies.

    The Popsocket comes with a case that is made from high-quality polycarbonate and is available in five different colors: white, black, blue, green, and pink.

    Popsockets require no assembly or installation. They simply just need to be placed on the back of your phone and are ready to use!

    This means that they can be used on any type of phone cases! The company has made it very easy for those who have iPhones 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note8 to purchase one as well as those who have older phones.

    Why Get a Popsocket for Your Phone

    It is often necessary to keep our phones close at hand and sometimes we need to use our fingers for one reason or the other. For example, if you are walking with your phone and need to look up directions or have a quick chat with someone on the phone, you might find it difficult to do so.

    This is where a Popsocket comes into play. It’s an in-ear accessory that helps us carry out tasks without having to physically take out our phones. The Popsocket has a flexible arm that can be used in several different ways: as an earbud holder, as a stand for when you’re watching videos or videos hands-free, as a clip for your keys or shopping bags and much more.

    The best part about using this device is

    Is the Silicone Case or Popsocket Right for You?

    Popsockets are a new type of case that are small and light, giving your phone a sleek, modern look.

    Silicone cases allow you to protect the back and sides of your phone while still providing easy access to all the ports and buttons. Which type of case is better?

    Silicone cases are often heavier than popsockets but offer stronger protection from bumps, shocks, and drops. Silicone cases also provide more grip for those with sweaty hands and these cases can be more aesthetically pleasing because they don’t stick out as much as popsockets do. Popsockets typically have grips on the front or back while silicone cases have grips at both ends.

    Whether you’re looking for a silicone or popsocket case depends on what you want protection from. If you’re looking for something

    How to remove silicone case popsockets on handphone?

    If you have a silicone case on your phone and the case popsocket is too big, it may be difficult to remove the silicone case.

    To remove silicone case popsockets, you should use your fingernails and gently scrape around it. You can also use a hair dryer and carefully heat up the silicone to make it easier to remove.

    There are some cases that have a hole for the headphone jack or for charging port where you can simply poke in a nail. Otherwise, you can use a knife or needle to pierce through the silicon for those cases that have holes for ports.